Want to Win More Tennis Matches?

Want to Win More Tennis Matches?

Ever heard someone say, ‘I always play better when I’m practicing’? or even said it yourself? 

We have …. Over and over. So, here is a quick tip to help. 

First, it is usually the practice that is the problem. Far too often we see players ‘having a knock’, a gentle hit, a quick friendly set. None of these methods are likely to translate to any significant improvement in match performance. Why? 

Because they are just too different. Matches aren't comfortable. Competing isn't friendly. Having an opponent down the other end of the court doing whatever they can to beat you is very different from having a practise partner who is trying to help you.  

So, the best way to improve match performance is to make practises feel as match like as possible.  

Rolling a few easy balls up and down the middle of the court is fine when you first step on court but as soon as you are warmed up.  

It is time to purposefully practise in an environment and atmosphere that replicates that of a competitive match. 

When we practice, we often manipulate some of the rules, scoring systems or court size to create an environment which is fun and challenging. But that still allows us to focus on a specific shot, sensation or tactical situation whilst feeling very much like a real match. 

This means when it is time to compete. Not only are we used to the competitive environment. We have also learnt and developed new skills in the environment in which they will be deployed. 

So, if you're playing better in practices than in matches. Get uncomfortable when you're practising. Compete as much and as often as possible and learn new skills in exactly the same way you want to use them so there are no nasty surprises when competition starts. 

Remember, ‘All Boats Rock’, so if you are going to go sailing on a choppy sea, you can’t do all your practice on a nice still lake. 

To see this in action watch this video on our YouTube channel. 

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Director of Tennis @ PH Tennis