Padel Shoes

Tennis shoes have been the first choice for padel players for many years, but as the sport grows and becomes more technical, manufacturers have started to develop models that are specific to padel.

Some tennis shoes can be used as padel shoes, but there are important differences to keep in mind. The two biggest differences are the sole and the mobility. A clay tennis shoe with a herringbone pattern in the sole gives the right grip on sandy padel courts.

On the other hand, a tennis shoe with a so-called “all-court” sole does not provide enough grip on the same court. If, on the other hand, you play on a court without visible sand, the “all-court” variant can be an alternative.

The pattern of movement differs between padel and tennis, which also affects the choice of shoe. In padel, you move more vertically and rotate more. In tennis, you move more horizontally along the baseline. That’s why shoes designed for padel normally have a slightly stiffer sole to facilitate rotation and a softer upper for increased flexibility.
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