One Day Courses

One Day Courses 2023/2024

December '23 - Train Like a Pro

January - Train Like a Pro

February - Perfect Decision Making

  • March - Mens Doubles Mastery
  • March - Ladies Doubles Mastery

April - Complete Shot Making

May - Serve and Return

  • June - Learn Tennis in a Day
  • June - Complete Shot Making

  • July - Teach Your Kids Tennis
  • July - Learn Tennis in a Day

September - Complete Shot Making

October - Serve and Return

November - Perfect Decision Making

December: Train Like a Pro

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Train Like a Pro

  • If you're a competitive tennis enthusiast looking to work hard, learn the "how" and "why" behind elite-level tennis, and elevate your game, this course is designed especially for you. You can look forward to a day filled with valuable resources to fuel your future success.

  • Helping you gain a deeper understanding of the science and theory behind high performance tennis, enabling you to integrate it into your own tennis practice.

  • Morning 1: Pro-Style Warm Up
  • Learn the scientific principles behind, training, stretching, and preparing like a professional athlete. Before going through a warm-up routine that encompasses on court and off court exercises.

  • Morning 2: Effective Practice
  • Design constrain-led practice drills for you to develop,
    speed, accuracy, and consistency, on any and all of your shots.

  • Afternoon 1: Intense Competitive Training
  • How to maximise the benefits of training and match play. Competing
    and challenging your game using our bespoke training games.

  • Afternoon 2: Speedy Recovery
  • Post-event activities that aid in speeding up recovery, helping you play harder, for longer aiding in maintaining training level.

 Get ready for a day full of play, competition, and learning, guaranteed
to provide you with numerous new ideas and concepts to help you raise your game.

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Course Details

All of our One Day Courses run from 9.30am to 3.30pm.

Lunch is provided free of charge as well as Tea, Coffee, Fruit and Water throughout the day.

The courses are held at Enfield Chase Tennis Club (EN1 2LH) unless stated otherwise.

£120 for the day.


This was a well presented training day with a much different approach to normal events I have attended.

I especially liked the session where we were encouraged to find a completely new way of hitting the ball. So much was explained in more simply terms that didn't confuse us because ultimately we were coming up with the answers.

Keith H

The one day course was fantastic and very insightful. It was a completely new approach to coaching and I think this will be a great tool for me going forward. I’ve already started putting it into practice. The coaches were brilliant throughout the day and it felt like really great value for money, especially with breakfast and lunch included. I’m looking forward to the follow up course.

Mark P

Fascinating, unique, and practical - this course made a difference to my tennis straight away, and I'll never look at my shots in the same way again.

Chris C

Complete Shot Making

  • Change the way you think about tennis forever. Leave traditional coaching in the past and rebuild your game using the very latest innovations in skill acquisition and efficient, effective learning.

  • We will open up the world of skill acquisition and movement learning and show you how ‘reframing’ the way you think about tennis means you’ll be able to coach yourself through any situation.

  • Morning 1: The Language of Learning
  • How to use Neuroscience to speed up the learning process
    and open your mind to every shot in tennis. 

  • Morning 2: Explore your Game
  • Re-frame and re-name everything you do, laying the groundwork
    to develop every single shot + add some serious speed to your serve.

  • Afternoon 1: The Chaos Coaching Model
  • Using stages of learning to integrate new shots of your choice into your game. 

  • Afternoon 2: Train and Test
  • Integrate all the new shots into your game, and test them out in competitive scenarios.

A whole day of learning and play. With a combination of lectures, lessons, training, competition and play-led learning. This course is for anyone who wants to take their tennis to the next level.

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