Coaching: Mini-Tennis Groups

Why Join Us?

HomePortal: Our online progress tracker that parents can login to at any time to track your child's progress

Quality Coaching: Our coaching team has thousands of hours of on court experience and have weekly coach training sessions to share ideas and best practice

Starter Pack: All our players receive a free bag, hoodie and t-shirt when they join us, helping them feel part of the team.

Competitive Opportunities: Alongside our programme we have monthly tournaments. These are open to all our players.

Organisation: We have a full time programme administrator, meaning any questions or queries can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

No Risk: We have a one-month notice period, and you can try our sessions, with no obligation for just £5.

Course Info

Course Age Groups:
  • Blue 4 - 5 years
  • Purple 6 - 7 years
  • Red 8 - 9 years
  • Orange 10 - 11 years

  • Session Duration: 90 Minutes

  • Player to Coach Ratio: From 8-1 (Blue) to 12-1 (Orange)

Courses Prices

One-Off Taster: £5

Weekday Price: From £52.00 per month

39 lessons per 12 months | £14.75 per lesson.

Weekend Price: From £57.00 per month

42 lessons per 12 months | £14.75 per lesson.

See our weekly schedule below!

Book a £5 taster now

Please click on the links above to book your £5 taster session.

If you can't find a class suitable for your child please get in touch via phone or e-mail.

0208 819 3149

More Info:

Our mini-tennis programme is one of a kind. We have spent years innovating and experimenting to design an entire tennis curriculum. This makes sure all our players develop the correct skills in the correct way.

Furthermore via HomePortal as a parent you can login and see your child's current skill level and what areas they need to improve upon to reach the next level.

As players move up through our 18 levels they receive medals at each stage to reward their hard work and to motivate them to continue to improve towards the next level.

Our coaching sessions are innovative and progressive using specialist equipment, which when coupled with our constraint-led coaching style leads to rapid improvements and enjoyment from all players.

Medals and Rewards

Players earn medals as they progress through the program.

Exclusive welcome pack for every new player

A free starter pack for all players when the join the program including a T-Shirt, Hoodie, Balls and a Bag.

We NEVER Charge For Missed Sessions

If we have to cancel a session for adverse weather or any other reason you will never be charged.

Access to Experts and Other Sessions

All players can make use of our network of Experts in other fields of exercise, sport and injury.