Padel Balls

Padel players often ask: is a padel ball the same as a tennis ball?  Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer. But to make things short and simple, for tennis it is best to use a tennis ball. For Padel, it is best to use a padel ball.

Not all Tennis Balls are the same and this makes things complicated.  According to the rules of tennis, tennis balls must conform to certain criteria for size, weight, deformation, and bounce to be approved for play. The International Tennis Federation defines the official diameter as 6.541 to 6.858 cm. The balls must weight between 56.0g and 59.4g.

As for padel, the padel ball should measure between 6.35 and 6.77cm. It should weight between 56.0g and 59.4g. With regards to the bounce, it should measure between 135 and 145cm when let fall onto a hard surface from a height of 2.54m.

This means that the weight of a padel ball is the same as a tennis ball. As for the size, some tennis balls may comply with the requirements for padel but most do not. Plus no tennis company can guarantee that the pressure or bounce of their tennis ball will be the same as a padel ball. Therefore, tennis balls and padel balls look almost the same. But in most cases, they are different and you can feel that when you play.

The conclusion is that to play Padel you should buy a padel ball.

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