Customer Feedback Response: Cancelled Classes

Customer Feedback Response: Cancelled Classes

Payments, Direct Debit and Cancelled Classes

Firstly, I can promise you all that we never have and never will charge anyone for a lesson that doesn’t happen.

If you are on the Direct Debit payment plan, we will reduce your payment by £13.50 the following month if we have to make an unscheduled closure. (Rain, Coach Illness etc). If you are paying in blocks of 12 the lesson will not be counted against your block.

Regarding cancelling lessons for rain and other bad weather. We are aware that often it is with relatively short notice. However, we absolutely do not want to cancel a session that could have actually gone ahead as usual. So, we will not make a final decision until we are sure. If this has to be 5mins before the class, we apologies for the inconvenience but this is far preferable to children sitting at home when they could have been playing.

We received feedback on both sides of this, a few people would like more notice but many more commented on our consistency and commitment to trying to get the children playing. Our decision-making process is very simple. If the conditions will make the session unsafe or we feel like we can’t deliver a fun, beneficial, rewarding session then we will cancel.