Customer Feedback Response: Online Progress Tracker

Customer Feedback Response: Online Progress Tracker

Assessments, Medals, Progress Tracker:

We expect all of our coaches to be friendly and professional at all times and 100% of responses agreed that they are, which is fantastic to hear. Part of this professionalism is always and consistently completing the registers and assessing the players progress at every lesson. Which all coaches try their best to do.

For those of you who do log in to check your child’s progress there will be occasions when no change will have occurred. There may be a few reasons for this. We do not assess every single competency each lesson. So, there will be occasions when what the coach is looking at in a particular week is something your child has already achieved.

And there is also the very strong possibility that they haven’t performed the competency at a higher level than the last time they were assessed. Skill acquisition is not a linear process so there will be occasions when children ‘plateaux’ and their progress appears to stall. This is an entirely natural part of learning and often there are lots of things happening we just can’t see.

We do appreciate that this can be frustrating, but our competencies and games are designed to provide opportunities for the players to develop a wide range of skills. Some of the mental / emotional ones such as; dealing with disappointment, overcoming challenges and resilience.

So, if it looks like nothing has been ‘marked off’ don’t worry. It doesn’t mean we aren’t assessing them, or they aren’t learning anything. The likelihood is they are just learning something that isn’t on the current list of 10 competencies, they are struggling with one of the challenges or the coach was just assessing something that they’ve already done.

However, if weeks have passed with no changes at all. Please do get in touch with us, likelihood is there is an issue with the system but if not, we will address the issue immediately.