Customer Feedback Response: Communication

Customer Feedback Response: Communication

Communication, Contacting Us, WhatsApp Groups

The best way to get hold of us if you have a complex issue or it is outside of office hours the best way is via e-mail. is seen by all the coaches and our program administrator and we try to get back to everyone within 24hrs at most.

If you want to speak to your coach please feel free to do so before or after the lesson. A lot of people asked if we need to know if you aren’t attending the session. It is kind of you to reach out, but we don’t need to know, what is more useful would be letting us know if you are running late.

The games / exercises that we play are dependent on the number of players in the group, so part of what we are doing whilst the players are serving at the start of the lesson is choosing which games to play. Therefore, a late arrival is more challenging. But, we are trained to deal with the unexpected so don’t worry if you can’t let us know.

The WhatsApp Groups are all admin only and will remain so. They are for us to let you know about upcoming events and cancelled sessions. If you want to get a hold of us in a hurry. You can reply privately to the messages that we put in that group. You will find a coach’s number and our admin number in each group, and you can message either with any questions.