Get into Coaching

Get into Coaching

Get into Coaching

Our 'Get into Coaching' programmes are designed to build confidence and develop skills for young adults looking for voluntary opportunities and/or future employment within the tennis sector. 

Here's an overview of our three tier programme:
• 14-16yrs Assistant Coaching  
• 16+ Trainee Coach Programme
• 18+ Full Time Apprenticeships
How does it work? 
All three tiers of the programme involve an initial element of volunteering at our sessions so you can begin to learn the approach and decide if this is for you.
If you continue past this phase of the programme you can benefit from: 
• Complimentary access to our sessions
• Paid hours
• LTA Qualifications and training paid for by PH Tennis 
What opportunities could this lead to? 
I know from personal experience the amazing opportunity to develop a passion for sports into a career. I started volunteering as a 14 year old with my first coach in Enfield and this provided me the introduction to the successful path I have followed. 

I progressed from volunteering through to becoming a paid tennis coach and was able to use this income to fund my own way through university and In addition to this I was able to take this skill abroad and work for some time in Australia funding 4 months of travel. 

So what experience do I need to apply? 
There is no requirement to be a brilliant tennis player! Just a willingness to learn, develop and work hard...
All of our staff receive full internal training and mentoring from an experienced coach to help and guide them through their professional development. 

How do I apply?
If you, or someone you know of, are interested in joining our programme please email me directly telling me why you are interested. We will then set up a call to discuss further. 
We look forward to hearing from you! 

Josh Stokes

PH Tennis