REVIEW: Yonex Percept | 97, 97H, 100D | Racket Reviews

REVIEW: Yonex Percept | 97, 97H, 100D | Racket Reviews

REVIEW: Yonex Percept | 97, 97H, 100D | Racket Reviews

Yonex Percept Racket Range Review


Welcome to our brand new Yonex Percept review! Today, we're thrilled to explore the full range of Yonex Percept rackets, which represent Yonex's latest control frame series, succeeding the VCore Pro. We'll be delving into the notes of the Percept range, analysing its performance, and sharing our insights on who might benefit most from these rackets.

Exploring the Percept Range

Diving into the Percept range reveals a trio of models: the 97, 97H, and 100D. Each model caters to diverse player preferences and styles, offering a comprehensive selection to suit various needs on the court. Whether you're seeking precision, power, or a blend of both, there's a Percept racket designed to elevate your game.

The 97 and 97H models boast a balance of performance and versatility, making them ideal choices for players looking to enhance their control and power. On the other hand, the 100D model introduces a new dimension to the range, targeting players who crave more power and spin potential without sacrificing control. With these options, players can select the racket that best aligns with their playing style and skill level, ensuring optimal performance on the court.

Analysing the Technology

The Percept range incorporates innovative technologies aimed at improving performance and feel on the court. One notable feature is the Servo Filter, a vibration-dampening layer within the racket's throat designed to enhance feel and reduce vibrations. Additionally, the rackets feature subtle design enhancements, such as shaft lengthening and head stiffness adjustments, aimed at optimizing flex and stability for better playability.

On-Court Performance

After extensive testing, we found the Percept rackets to deliver impressive performance across the board. The 97 and 97H models excel in precision and control, allowing players to place shots with accuracy and confidence. Meanwhile, the 100D model offers a noticeable boost in power and spin potential, making it a formidable weapon from the baseline.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Yonex Percept range stands out as a worthy successor to the VCore Pro series, offering enhanced performance and versatility for players of all levels. Whether you're a precision player seeking control or a power player looking for added pop, there's a Percept racket to suit your needs. With its innovative technologies and solid construction, the Percept range is sure to make a splash on the tennis court.

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