Train Like a Pro

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If you're a competitive tennis enthusiast looking to work hard, learn the "how" and "why" behind elite-level tennis, and elevate your game, this course is designed especially for you. You can look forward to a day filled with valuable resources to fuel your future success.

Helping you gain a deeper understanding of the science and theory behind high performance tennis, enabling you to integrate it into your own tennis practice.

Train Like a Pro

  • Morning 1: Pro-Style Warm Up
  • Learn the scientific principles behind, training, stretching, and preparing like a professional athlete. Before going through a warm-up routine that encompasses on court and off court exercises.

  • Morning 2: Effective Practice
  • Design constrain-led practice drills for you to develop,
    speed, accuracy, and consistency, on any and all of your shots.

  • Afternoon 1: Intense Competitive Training
  • How to maximise the benefits of training and match play. Competing
    and challenging your game using our bespoke training games.

  • Afternoon 2: Speedy Recovery
  • Post-event activities that aid in speeding up recovery, helping you play harder, for longer aiding in maintaining training level.

 Get ready for a day full of play, competition, and learning, guaranteed
to provide you with numerous new ideas and concepts to help you raise your game.

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