Complete Tennis Coaching: Learn Tennis in a New and Easy Way

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This course includes:

🖥️ 2.5 hours on-demand video

📂 4 downloadable resources

🤳 Access on mobile and TV

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A revolutionary approach to teaching, playing and learning tennis.

The Team at PH Tennis have spent years developing the most affective and efficient methods for coaching tennis so you can get from the couch and onto the court in no time at all.

And now they have out put all their best concepts, techniques, tips and tricks into one easy to navigate course. This course is the culmination of over two decades of research, analysis and experimentation.

How great is that!?

The course covers everything from; the rules and scoring, every shot you'll ever need, tactics, etiquette and even a guide to buying tennis rackets and tennis equipment.

You’ll learn something no matter your experience level, but it is perfect for total beginners and social tennis players looking to improve quickly and start to compete and win matches.

Beginner, once a Weeker, Park Court Destroyer or Wimbledon enthusiast? There is something for you!

If you are a natural sport player, there is a method for leaning shots for you. If you're more analytical, a different concept is used.

Couch To Court has something for every learner and every player - PH Tennis' philosophy and coaching style doesn’t prescribe but gives you the tools to learn and develop your own game in your own style.

So what are you waiting for? Start the course today! You won’t regret it and your future tennis-self will thank you.

And remember: Tennis is FUN so enjoy the journey (and apologies for our bad jokes in advance!).

 Sending vs Reception - Analyse your Mistakes!

Turn, Move, Stop, Play

Control Space

What Spin Does - Slice vs Topspin